Slip and Fall Accidents on Rented Spaces—Who is At Fault

There is never anything simple when it comes to slip and fall accidents. If you fall at home, you know who is responsible for the property, but if you’re at rented property, this is where it gets complicated. Making sure property is safe is the responsibility of the property manager and the landlord, so if something needs to be repaired, generally the landlord is required to handle these. However, sometimes the renters and tenets are responsible for the property safety, simply because they consented to the lease, so they may have it within the document that they’re responsible for the walkways and hazards associated with this. 

Who Shovels Snow 

This is something commonly questions. Who is responsible for the snow and ice removal, but it does depend on the circumstances associated with this. For example, in house rental, you might be responsible, or might not. If you’re in an apartment, chances are you’re not responsible. 

For house rentals, you should check the lease since the tenant might be responsible. Unless the landlord expresses that you’re not, assume that it is your job to take care of it. 

close up shot of a yellow caution on floor

If you’re renting an apartment, typically the property manager is responsible for that. However, look at the renter’s agreement to make sure you’re liable for the removal of snow too. 

For retirement communities, chances are the community does it because that’s part of the rent. 

Finally for townhouse owner and renters, check with the HOA because a lot of the units do have some private areas, along with shared areas. If there are main doors, chances are the renters are responsible, but for the parking lot, it’s less likely. 

Snow and ice aren’t the only issues though, but rather the following can happen in slip and falls: 

  • Unsafe or crumbling stairs along wit handrails 
  • Construction sites left unmarked 
  • Unlit stairwells and pathways 
  • Unmarked slippery floors in the lobby 
  • Uneven walkways and curbs 
  • Slippery entrances that don’t have doormats 
  • Downspouts that cause water to pool to create patches 
What to Do in a Slip and Fall 

If you do suffer from a slip and fall, the first thing that you must do is protect yourself. You need to fill out the slip and fall pages and accident reports. These accident pages tell you what to do when you have a slip and fall. 

If nothing else, seek out medical attention and collect the evidence if possible. 

With this as well, you might start dealing with insurance companies that’ll try to either deny, or lowball the settlement. 

However, don’t let them make you hold these bills. You can stand up to them and fight them to get the proper compensation through the use of a personal injury attorney. 

Personal injury attorneys are those that deal with this, and they are professionals, so they can help you get the compensation that you deserve. 

With slip and falls, they can be hard to prove, simply because there is shared responsibility with this as well.  In a lot of cases, many times they may try to shoo you away with too low of a settlement.

But that isn’t the case. That doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, you can properly negotiate and get the most out of the settlement that you do deserve, and you’ll be able to, with this as well, truly master the ability to really get the help that you need to get the compensation that you deserve for the settlement that you have going on. 

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