Common Questions About Personal Injury Incidents

Slip and fall cases are quite common, since they can happen due to the floor being wet, due to a hazard, poor lighting, and even icy spaces. In a lot of cases, they cause injuries that can be quite lengthy, especially when involving recovery. If you’ve been injured, there’s a few concerns that you might have. here, we’ll go over some of the most common questions people have with slip and fall cases. 

Do I have a Case? 

This is not an easy question to answer, but typically, talking to an attorney can help. 

They will look at the following details before they can give you a yes or no, and that includes the following: 

  • Evidence from the accident 
  • Injuries suffered 
  • Surgeries both now and in the past 
  • Future medical expenses and needs 
  • Who’s at fault 
  • Hospital stays 
  • Anything permanent in damage to your health 

You are limited in time, so make sure if you do have some kind of case, you call a lawyer today to help you! 

Who is Responsible in this kind of case? 

The answer is really based on premises liability, which is the responsibility the property owners do have when dealing with someone who slips and falls on ice and other hazards. 

There are three types: homeowner, landlord, and renter liability. 

Typically, there are also a few factors that come into play, which include: 

  • What caused the dangerous situation 
  • If it was ignored 
  • If they failed to correct it 

If any of these do sound familiar, then guess what? You might have a case, and you can get pain and suffering compensation 

What do I do After? 

First of course, document, and get medical care. Don’t give out statements either, but also, don’t be afraid to speak to a lawyer about this too. 

How Much Is My Case? 

When you’re injured severely and still reeling from the bills that are there, you might wonder how much the case is worth.  This depends on a lot of factors including evidence, injuries suffered, and the bills you have too.  You typically are given a ballpark figure by the lawyer, but understand that there is no specific number or formula that you’re given.  However, do understand that the insurance company will try to lowball your settlement, and if you feel that it isn’t right, talking to a lawyer about the settlement can help you truly know if the ballpark estimate is right or not. 

How Much Does it Cost? 

It depends again.  typically, a lot of attorneys work where if they win, they take a cut.  You typically won’t get fees unless they win, and a lot of times, the law firm pays any upfront costs, so you don’t have to worry about the stress associated with that. 

What About the Medical Bills 
  • This is of course, determined by what happens in court. 
  • They do get pretty hefty, especially if it’s a serious situation.  If the owner of the space didn’t make sure that they were repairing and fixing any hazards, then you may be eligible for the compensation of this. 
  • Typically, in a lot of cases, an attorney will help you get enough, and you can from there, recover. 

While you may be responsible for paying it, that doesn’t mean that you just have to get stuck with paying this. Instead, talking to a lawyer about all of this, and learning about this will help you truly get the money that you want, deserve, and what you feel is right too. 

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