Exactly What to do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slipping, tripping, and falling is typically a big problem. It usually isn’t your fault due to it happening to anyone anywhere, and it’s important to know what to do especially if there is some negligence and a premises liability case is at hand. 

Here, we’ll go over the different steps that you should take after a slip and fall accident, especially if there is grounds for litigation due to negligence on the property as well. 

The Steps to Take After an Accident 

First, you must seek out medical treatment, especially if you’re worried about your health. If you’re hurt, see a doctor and document the injuries since it is used as evidence in the court case. 

The second thing is to report the accident. No matter where it is, report it to the owner, the manager, or the landlord, getting all of the details before you finish making a written report, and then requesting a copy before leaving. 

Third, document everything.  Take pictures of the weather, the location, everything to ensure you have all of the information that contributed to the accident.  Write down what you were doing before your accident, the way your body fell, different details, and the exact date and time, along with the clothing you had, since it may be evidence for the case too. 

With a slip and fall, don’t give statements. Try to stay calm and limit the communication you have with the manager for various reasons. With this too, don’t post it on social media, and don’t’ give statements to the insurance company either until you’ve talked to the attorney. Do not take or place blame. 

Finally, call an attorney. When you’re considering action, you should always talk to an attorney due to the nature of the case. They are complex, hard to prove, and are best done by resources provided by a good law firm. That’s because they can track and help you get the best results from your case as well. 

Why A Lawyer 

For a lot of slip and fall victims, they worry about hiring a lawyer., however, there are a lot of good benefits that come from working with lawyers. 

For starters, they handle the paperwork that’s hard to deal with. 

They also will worry about all of the deadlines that come with this, especially involving legal claims. 

Slip and fall claims are not easy to deal with, and oftentimes are more confusing than your average legal case. A lawyer will help you get the most that you can from a case, and really help you get the most that you can from it. 

But the big thing to look for in this kind of legal case, is how they handle the legal case and keep you updated. When choosing a lawyer, you want one that’ll keep you informed of what exactly is going on, and treats you as more than just a number, but instead someone who needs help. 

That’s a big part of a lot of cases. They need a lawyer, but you need someone who is willing to help you, and isn’t just doing this for numbers, or because they want the money.  

When you do have a slip and fall case, make sure to follow all of these steps, but most important, is to make sure that you’ve got a lawyer who can help you get the most that you can from every single case, and help you truly improve your chances of not only paying your bills, but getting the compensation that you truly deserve. 

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